An introduction to the history of the wave disk engine

Unfortunately nobody had considered how the barge train was to transit through the canal locks and shallows. In the BPDE collapsed. A novel approach of improving battery performance September 18, New technological developments by UNIST researchers promise to significantly boost the performance of lithium metal batteries in promising research for the next-generation of rechargeable batteries.

The WDG no relation to WMDsis a newly designed generator that uses battery power, oxygen and good old-fashioned gasoline to spin an internal disk extremely fast to produce power for a car.

MSU researchers create a new engine prototype (w/ video)

This can help the battery resist degradation and increase life span. A team of six faculty members at Georgia Tech is developing an enhanced membrane by fitting metal organic frameworks, compounds that show great promise for improved carbon capture, into hollow fiber membranes.

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Another engineering company with a very good reputation was G. Operation[ edit ] In its basic configuration the core of the engine is a nutating non-rotating disc, with the center of its hub mounted in the middle of a Z-shaped shaft.

This new material would be highly efficient at removing CO2 from the flue gas produced at coal-fired power plants. A gasoline -powered version is also planned by McMasters, which is claimed to give substantially cleaner operation than traditional engines.

But what it does do, in theory at least, is generate power for your car. It worked well enough to convince the Directors of the Birmingham and Liverpool Junction Canal to order six tugs which could tow as many as sixteen barges a day at a reasonable speed.

Krista Walton, the team will look to generate a business model around various applications while addressing scalability challenges of promising metal organic frameworks. The compressed air is admitted to an external accumulatorand then into an external combustion chamber before it is admitted to the power side of the disc.

Each such obstruction meant that the train had to be uncoupled and the barges individually manhandled or towed by horse through the obstruction before the train was reassembled on the other side. The Dakeyne brothers had previously also invented "The Equalinium", a machine for the preparation of flax for spinning, and their father Daniel Dakeyne — [11] was granted a patent for this device in Nevertheless, there was a growing interest in using steam power on the canals, and the small beam of canal boats very much favoured disc engines.

In use, a train of six to eight barges left Ellesmere Port and Wolverhampton each day, carrying an average of tons. To further that effort, scientists The total seal length is rather long, however, which may negate this advantage. Stephen Glover, in his gazetteer of Derbyshire, was enthusiastic about the prospects for the disc engine, foreseeing its use in all manner of applications, domestic as well as industrial, not only as a prime mover but also as a pump.

However, current iron-air battery technologies have suffered from low efficiency and short life spans. In the event that there was any leakage, the seals were adjustable.The revolutionary wave disc generator combustion engine.


Nutating disc engine

Müller is obtaining efficiencies of 60% with the wave disc design and of course the weight of the engine is greatly. Numerical investigation of the Wave Disk Micro-Engine concept Janusz Piechna 1 and David Dyntar 2 1 Warsaw University of Technology Institute of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics INTRODUCTION Many groups of researchers have focused on the design of micro turbine engines in recent years, Akbari ().

A wave disk engine or wave disk generator is a type of pistonless rotary engine being developed at Michigan State University and Warsaw Institute of Technology. The engine has a spinning disk with curved blades.

Once fuel and air enter the engine, the rotation of the disk creates shockwaves that compress the mixture. A nutating disc engine The details of operation as well as the potential of the Meyer nutating disk engine has been published by Professor T.

Alexander (publishes as T. Korakianitis) and co-workers. A Animation 2. of McMaster Engine; History. Wigfull, Phil. MSU researchers create a new engine prototype (w/ video) I see this one headed to the trash bin of history too.

as the combustion pressure is bound to warp the Wave Disk - causing binding. ARPA-E still trying to commercialize Wave Disk Engine and four other technologies. ARPA-E still trying to commercialize Wave Disk Engine and four other technologies. Nextbigfuture covered the wave disk engine back inand 2.

The revolutionary wave disc generator combustion engine

University of Southern California (GRIDS): Led by Principal Investigator Dr. Sri Narayan, the team.

An introduction to the history of the wave disk engine
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