Assignment 1 destination analysis

Percentage of GDP that is contributed by Cuba travel and tourism sector is 4. Physical features of a country involve historical sites, food, infrastructure, transportation facilities, and entertainment industry. It is necessary that TUI Assignment 1 destination analysis should make the strategies according to the fluctuations in the economy of the country in which it is trying to deal.

Remember that a reference is a source that is actually cited in your report. Physical factors are the aspects that help in attracting the people of different countries towards the tourism destination.

For the service providers like TUI Group it is necessary Assignment 1 destination analysis they should ensure that cultural aspects of every individual should be kept on the priority Lee, et. Sites to visit in UK are entertainment industry, museums, historical monuments, infrastructure and various places.

Coming on to the transportation facilities here there are certain changes that are necessary to be made by Cuba so that tourism of people coming to Cuba could not get affected due to transportation. For the service provider like TUI Group it is necessary that cultural, social and physical features should be analysed so that it could develop the strategies according to the requirements of the market and could ensure that more and more service users could use the services provided by the group.

Here it becomes necessary for TUI Group to ensure that it should provide the attractive tour packages to the customers so that they could get attracted towards the tourism of UK and could enjoy their travelling.

Note that a destination situational analysis in reality is more extensive than this 3 point list, but for the purpose of this assignment you are required to analyse only three elements. This explanation must be emailed to your local lecturer by 5 pm Wednesday Week 2.

Identify key segments and describe their relevant demographic, geographic, behavioural, and psychographic characteristics. This research and analysis is to ensure that as much relevant information about the current and possibly past operating environment is gathered and understood, so that an appropriate destination management strategy can be developed.

Reason behind the decline was the political consequences in Thai which is a capital of Bangkok. Showing past trends of tourism destination With the help of the graph it could be analysed that with the passing years interest of people is increasing at the continuous rate.

The marking criteria for assessment items are available on the course website. In conducting this analysis, you will need to consult with industry resources e. You are required to critically read and contrast your findings to important theories and concepts introduced in Topics 1 to 3.

There are various historical places available in UK and it ensures that these places should remain maintained as it helps in understanding the culture of UK. Accordingly, you are required to conduct a comprehensive situation analysis of your selected destination.

Physical factors of any country helps in exploring the beauty of it and making the decision whether the tourism experience of that country will be effective or not.

It is necessary that London should maintain the position so that it could sustain and so the economy of could sustain which could help in making the travel and tourism sector more happening and attractive Tigre Moura, et.

Top 20 Global Destination cities in are London is one of the most visited cities with DMO, tour operation, attraction, accommodation operation, gastronomic enterprise, conference or event.

Analysing the cultural, social and physical features of the worldwide tourist destinations will help TUI Group to evaluate the business opportunities in various parts of the world.

Cuba is trying to make its travel and tourism sector more effective with the effect of which it will be availing more attractive packages as well as tourism experience to the people who are planning for travelling to different parts of the world UK has developed almost every aspect which could help the people in gaining a new and different tourism experience Ajagunna, It is an historical place which shows the reality of UK and attracts the people of different countries towards UK.

It is important that you reference appropriately. It is because travel and tourism facilities provided in Edinburg are more effective than any other destinations and also the infrastructure is one of the reasons that attract most of the Assignment 1 destination analysis towards Edinburg.

Due date and submission: It is your responsibility to identify a suitable enterprise for your assignment work in this unit in Week 1 of the Session. This comparison will help TUI Group to frame better understanding with various aspects of which type of strategy will work on which tourism destinations: It is necessary that trends in tourism destinations should be analysed because it the way with the effect of which future trends of the tourism destination could be analysed.

UK is the tourism destination which is full of physical features as it has proper infrastructure, effective transportation facilities and accommodation services, but food of UK is expensive which affects the pocket of the people coming to UK Gartner, et.

Tourism is the sector which is full of cultures and people of different countries prefer to follow their culture and ensure that others should respect the culture they are following. Peer Evaluation — A compulsory self and peer evaluation component is attached to this assessment to facilitate effective group process and as an AACSB accreditation requirement.

Showing the prediction for With the help of statistical analysis it could be predicted that Tourism of UK will grow on continuous range are travel and tourism sector of UK tourism is trying to make it more attractive. It is strongly recommended that you select an enterprise that is relevant to your Masters degree program.

Approximately 3 million people arrives Cuba for travelling purpose every year Approximately Introduction. The Unit 1 Travel and Tourism Destination Assignment is generated in relation with travel and tourism destinations which will help in developing the understanding with various aspects of tourism destinations.

Assignment 1: Destination Analysis Develop a research paper that analyzes a tourism destination of your choice (e.g., Myrtle Beach, Aspen, Singapore, Rome, etc.). You must use three references to support your research paper.

Unit 1 Travel and Tourism Destination Assignment

Destination Analysis Cusco, Peru Placement ITMC 3rd year NHTV International University, Breda This report is an individual assignment for the International Tourism Management & Consultancy programme at NHTV. It is part of the practical placement which chapter 1 General introduction to the destination.

6 chapter 2 reports on 5. strategic marketing management to destination hotels,assignment help,essay help,this task is designed to develop your critical analysis and research skills you are required to prepare a situational an/5(14K).

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Assignment 1 Destination Analysis. Assignment. Assignment 1. You are assigned to develop a fictional tourism destination. Choose a certain geographical point and specialize the type of destination!

Assignment 1 destination analysis
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