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With increased competition, companies have to reassess their existing investments and business portfolio. It has since then started grading its suppliers on several- parameters. Cummins India now exports to China and Mexico. MAY 1 Please attempt any three questions from Q.

Earlier the sheer number of vendors complicated the process of checking, ensuring quality, and delivery time. CEL realized the importance of exports and international operation. With the end-consumers in mind, LG now offers products with unique technology.

The European countries exported milk and other agro-based products.

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Earlier, people hesitated to come to India. Even the recessionary period it sponsored major sporting events and and through world wide advertising kept up its sales.

Comment on the organization structure of WTO. Earlier, a customer was being approached by people from. LG has also launched TV s with Hindi and regional language menus.

The outsourcing from Siemens India now contributes 21 per cent of its consolidated revenues. What are the factors that affect? There is a lot more that gets outsourced to China in terms of manufacturing than to India, but India got far greater share of that visibility.

It even redesigned indirect sales channels. Nasscom repOlt May predicts that within few years, there will be less supply of qualified human resource in India compared to the demand.

Unless the academia has that kind of an alignment with customer interests, its difficult for them to devise the most appropriate curricula and syllabi. The visibility was very high and everybody was suddenly talking about India. Siemens India benefited by shedding its excess workforce and reorganising its workforce has been able to reduce its costs.

Hyundai Accent has a powerful engine and sleek interiprs at an attractive price range.

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Select any company as an example and describe their working. We must remember that the IT industry recruits the top 1 per cent of thebrainpower that is available in this country.

LG has followed kaizen in its Indian manufacturing plants, with the ultimate aim to achieve Six Sigma Quality. Hyundai has used the image of Shahrukh Khan in advertising its Santro, which was an instant hit among the Indian consumers: Though the vast Indian market of billion plus population holds great opportunity for the consumer goods companies, this phenomenon is not restricted to that sector only.

Hyundai India has the best-integrated manufacturing plant amongst the Indian subsidiaries of the MNEs. This resulted in production of a number of goods, more than the demand in some cases. Q4 Discuss with examples how marketing mix strategies change with in PLC stages of a product.

A couple of years back, many Indian companies went to recruit but they. Localisation of products and knowing what the Indian consumers want worked well for the consumer goods companies. The mistake companies commonly make is to underestimate the human potential that is available, and not providing them with the right type of opportunities.

So, companies had to do a different mix in order to make sure they have a good mix of people who have gone from India to study in the USA as well as the local people, and people from other countries.1. Reg. No. Question Paper Code: - SRI BALAJI CHOCKALINGAM ENGINEERING COLLEGE, ARNI M.B.A DEGREE MODEL EXAMINATION, MAY/JUNE Fourth Semester BA – INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (Regulation ) Time: Three Hours Maximum: marks Answer ALL questions.

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Ba9209 international business management question papers
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