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Their systematic approach made everything clear and straight-forward. Titles must have a print version with a firm pub date. Your first stop is here with Foreword Reviews.

Premium Review The Premium Review package includes the services of the Feature Reviewas well as main page banner placement for one month and a book mention to the thousands of followers on our social media feeds. Submission Guidelines Submissions should include a fact sheet, sell sheetor press release.

Please also note on your enclosed fact sheet what type of review you are seeking. The first reason is that the majority of these top Amazon reviewers have a very wide sphere of influence beyond just Amazon.


Feature placement involves teaser content of your book review, including the book image and a link to our complete review. Book Review Broker is a review acquisition tool designed Book review service self-published authors in mind.

So, with that in mind, I want to give a brief tour of what we do at Foreword Reviews, particularly our Clarion fee-for-review service.

It could also stand alone, if necessary, as a one-paragraph mini-review. We have the research to prove that book industry professionals and general readers buy books based on a review in Foreword To be considered for a review in the pages of Foreword Reviews magazine, a Book review service copy printed or digital of the title in question must be received in the Foreword offices a minimum of four 4 months ahead of publication.

Each review will have quick access buttons linking the review to hundreds of potential social media sites. We have taken this top 10, Amazon reviewers chart and painstakingly pulled out all of the data which is pertinent to securing book reviews.

Whether these reviewers buy your work and review it, or if you gift it to them and they review it, this is a solid strategy and one that should be considered by all authors who wish to increase their exposure and sales online.

A basic look at the importance of online book reviews. If you were spend five minutes looking at each of the top 10, Amazon reviewer profiles the time it would take to do it properlytaking the time to note down which book genres they are interested in, which books in your genre they have reviewed in the past as well as whether or not any given reviewer was contactable, it would take you If you wish to purchase both reviews, you must do so as a separate transaction from any other purchase you wish to make.

Review The Review package includes an approximately word review of your book, Book review service will be permanently listed by title under one category. The way most authors approach this problem is to do nothing. You want a professionally written, objective review with some major credibility.

With your permission, your review will be posted on our high traffic website and licensed to book wholesalers. From this top 10, list we have extracted the 1, best profiles based on interest in genres and whether the reviewers are contactable or not. There are two great ways we can help you connect with readers.

What we do guarantee is a fair, unbiased assessment of your work and its potential in the marketplace. Then you create a small pitch on our site we give you guidelines on what to write in order to maximize chance of reviews and submit it to us. How we go about using this targeting data to our advantage.

Our word reviews critique all aspects of your book and have an express delivery of weeks. Learn More Advertising We know you want to reach an audience of book lovers, booksellers, and librarians—the exact circulation base of Foreword Reviews. Clarion Reviews give authors and readers a comprehensive critique of the writing, plot, pacing, characters, packaging, and other elements that will influence potential book buyers.

Clarion Money Quotes use active, dynamic language that can be lifted easily for promotional purposes. It should form a great addition to your public profile and media kits. These foreign rights deals can be highly profitable for US publishers, with very little effort.

In the case of Amazon, they rank their reviewers with a complex algorithm which factors in the amount of reviews made, the frequency that reviews are made, the quality helpfulness of reviews made as deemed by others as well as a myriad of other complex little elements which the rest of us will probably never know about.

Using the above strategy to generate reviews is great, but not all reviewers are created equal. As an author you probably already know how important quality reviews are in lending social proof to your sales pages?

Could I not do all this myself? Your book will be rated with one to five stars based on excellence. Of course, there is the added benefit that new readers around the world can get lost in your book. We then match your book with a reviewer who is a content and genre expert, has experience with similar styles, and enjoys books like yours.

This is a catch of the worst order and one that drives many self-published authors to the verge of madness!It was the first article that actually made sense and that lured me the service, trust me I've tried manually searching through every review, but after the second hour, it becomes depressing!Using Book Razor was fantastic.

Kirkus also has a full suite of author services, including Kirkus Indie, a book review service for self-publishers, Kirkus Editorial, book editing services for unpublished and self-published authors, and Kirkus Marketing, services that help authors get discovered by consumers as well as industry influencers, such as publishers, agents and film.

If you choose to publish your review on the Kirkus website, you will see whether your book earned a Kirkus Star. If your book does receive a Star, it will immediately be eligible for the Kirkus Prize.

If you order standard service, the review will be returned within weeks of the date we receive your submission. If you order express. The Feature Review package includes the services of the Plus Review, as well as main page feature placement of your book review for one month.

Feature placement involves teaser content of your book review, including the book image and a link to our complete review. This service is designed to create a stream of new content you can use to promote your book, create buzz and capture new readers.

We Review Fiction, Nonfiction, and Audiobooks! Follow These Two Easy Steps to Get Your Book Reviewed! NetGalley is a site where book reviewers and other professional readers can read books before they are published, in e-galley or digital galley form.

Members register for free and can request review copies or be invited to review by the publisher.

Book review service
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