Bsbmkg502b establish and adjust the marketing mix essay

You will need to ensure changes are monitored effectively over the next two financial quarters.

Consider possible adjustments to components of the marketing mix in response to performance, ensuring that the final mix meets: Consider the impact of at least two changes to pricing on resulting consumer demand.

Where an assessment involves group discussions, you should consider the input of your group but submit an individual assessment to your trainer. Assessment description In a follow-up to Assessment 1, you will monitor the performance of recommended elements of the marketing mix against business objectives.

Identify consumer priorities, needs and preferences and the way they impact the marketing mix. You made several recommendations on the marketing mix to be implemented and monitored. Meet with your assessor to discuss performance of the marketing mix against objectives. All assessments must be completed and delivered individually.

All written answers must be typed in a word document using Arial font, 12 size and single spacing if similar instructions are not provided in the assessment.

Evaluate products or services against marketing objectives, target market characteristics and desired positioning. Procedure Scenario You are a marketing manager or external marketing consultant who was asked by senior decision makers in an organisation to write an evaluation of the marketing mix for a product or service.

Identify at least two pieces of legislation, codes of practice, or organisational policy relevant to implementing your recommended marketing mix.

Estate agents provide weekly and monthly updates on market research, for example, informing Bryant what the second-hand market is doing and what competitors are doing.

Establish and Adjust the Marketing Mix – BSBMKG502

Such objectives may be, for example, operational, customer-satisfaction related, or financial. You will need to meet with your assessor to ensure your chosen business is suitable and that you have access to enough information to complete this task, for example, access to: Given performance results against objectives, you will prepare a written report that: The sales manager is ultimately responsible for selling houses and therefore must get the price right.

Identify specific objectives, for example, financial objectives, customer satisfaction objectives or operational efficiency objectives. The land buyer is responsible for negotiating the best possible deals and will often use estate agents to determine the availability of development land.

To achieve this objective, its production and sales activities are all geared towards emphasising the four core values of: They will research locations to ascertain the target market, future rate of sale, sales values, the extent of competition etc. For this to happen, there must be careful integration between three groups of people who are responsible for researching the housing market: Assessments are due for submission as specified in the assessment schedule.

You may refer to your student learning resources or any other relevant resources when completing your assessment. Six months have passed. From identifying a new site to selling a house Bryant must make sure it provides the right homes in the right place at the right time.

Prepare to explain the impact on, for example, profitability or other business goals. The report should address the key characteristics of a product or service and estimate its significance to the market, the promotion methods and each component of the marketing mix.Monitor the marketing mix against marketing performance and isolate components for testing.

Evaluate implications of altering one or more components of the marketing mix in relation to market factors and consumer response.

Adjust the components of the marketing mix in response to test results and evaluation of market response. Open Document. Below is an essay on "BsbmkgB Establish and Adjust the Marketing Mix" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays /5(1).

Marketing Mix Essay. ASSESSMENT Task 2 BSBMKGB ESTABLISH AND ADJUST THE MARKETING MIX PROCEDURES 1- SUBWAY Fred DeLuca founded the SUBWAY® chain in Connecticut, USA, in The company has since grown into a multi-billion dollar business, with more than 30, outlets in 87 countries.

Marketing Mix Paper The marketing mix is probably the most famous phrase in marketing.

BSBMKG502 Establish and adjust the marketing mix

According to, the marketing mix approach to marketing is a model of crafting and implementing marketing strategies.

To isolate each component for testing, and monitor the marketing mix, for marketing performance, I should first establish or seek to research some benchmarks for sales.

It would be easy to test the effectiveness of place, of product and of promotion, but to test price would be somewhat difficult if it were not for industry benchmarks that establish.

BSBMKG Establish and adjust the marketing mix Marketing Assignment Help Assessment Description Get the best assignment help from Guidelines: The duration of the exam is 1 hour All questions are multiple choice and must be attempted Total number of questions to be answered is 10 Passing marks is.

Bsbmkg502b establish and adjust the marketing mix essay
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