Essay about multiculturalism in canada

While some groups violate women openly by not allowing them to be educated or to vote, what about those groups that only mistreat women behind closed doors?

Multiculturalism in Canada

Works Cited "Selling Illusions. Revenue Canada integrated the multiculturalism policy objectives in both its services and operations. Multiculturalism is a highly dominating characteristic in Canada, majority of the people believe that Canada is one of those countries where you see a multicultural system, a mixture of Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Indians, and Europeans who blend into the whole system and adapt to the Canadian culture.

Throughout this paper, I have explored other possible realistic and even current policies for dealing with multiculturalism. Economics of Immigration and Racial Discrimination: The two main questions associated with group-specific rights are: Government Publications, Con, Harry.

The policies will set fourth an embrace of the concept of many cultures and instead of fear of change will make laws to increase diversity.

The American benign neglect leaves something to be desired and thus forces national minorities to seek either isolation from mainstream society or integration under fairer terms; hence the debate for group-specific rights. Canada is a multicultural country. Canadian Framework and its Bridges: Firstly, neither assimilation nor isolation policies were successful in the past.

The government would understandably have to be extremely cautious about which groups receive group-specific rights. Multiculturalism is the acceptance of multiple ethnic beliefs and cultures, there is a lot of diversification involved into this and also immigration takes a huge part.

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The following generations of the Europeans feel right at home as they have had the upper hand on all sides, employment is granted to them despite there being a majority of other ethnic individuals who are as equally qualified. Multiculturalism is the acceptance of multiple ethnic beliefs in a society for various reasons, usually to diversify.

The government has to make sure that the special group-rights they grant do not result in the rights of the members in the culture group being violated in any way. University of Victoria Eventually, these aboriginals were confined to reserves where they could no longer practice their previous lifestyles and their society was essentially ruined.

This relates to the economic dimension of multiculturalism. In conclusion, I believe that minority cultural rights are justified. Ideological Education in the Classroom. On the other hand, following generations of European and USA immigrants do not feel much like that as most of the defining factors revolve around the colour of the skin.

Failure to engage immigrants as full time members of society Sticking with your own" selling illusions Conclusion: The channel for it will have been cut by the Canadian Pacific Railway through the Rockies.

Essay: Multiculturalism in Canada

Essay UK - http: This is especially true for people who deal directly with the public, which includes immigration officers, citizenship officers, investigators, escort and removal officers, and case-presenting officers.

The largest corporations in Canada have already responded to this reality by introducing programs that handle stereotypes, biases and barriers in the interests of producing a better workplace.

Okin argues that most traditional groups, especially religious groups, tend to hold the belief that women should be dominated by men and this is the primary reason why the state should not even consider the idea of granting group-specific rights.

For example, the ethnocultural communities possess linguistic skills, cross-cultural business expertise, and natural trade links with foreign markets. While those beliefs exists, there are contradictions to this where the visible minorities claim that it is not the case, which makes this issue very complicated and challenging.

Making the Chinese people the number one source of immigration to Canada in the world. Multiculturalism in Canada change topic later!

They will have solved the question by taking complete possession of it. In general, group-specific rights are merely a way in which the government acknowledges the difficulties that minorities face in maintaining their cultural autonomy.

Historically, the negative results associated with assimilation prove that assimilation will not work as a form of integration and a new solution based around groups being able to maintain their previous cultural ties would have to be utilized. Culture groups want to be accepted, understood, and appreciated for what they are, not simply tolerated.

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Essay on Multiculturalism in Canada Words | 3 Pages. Multiculturalism" is the existence of a culturally diversified society where people from different backgrounds and races come and live together.

The topic of “multiculturalism,” has been a hotly debated issue since the end of the colonizing era. In their endeavor to find the best policy for multiculturalism, different countries opted for different options. - Canada’s identity comes in many shapes and forms. Multiculturalism has been adopted and is at the forefront of Canadian identity.

Following the Second World War, Canada’s multiculturalism policies became more acceptable and even successful in, not only accepting, but inviting multiple ethnic cultures in. The Government of Canada and Multiculturalism Essay examples Words | 7 Pages “Multiculturalism” entered public speech in the late s and early s in Canada that focused on unique cultural diversity, nationalities, and ethnicity across the nation.

Multiculturalism is a highly dominating characteristic in Canada, majority of the people believe that Canada is one of those countries where you see a multicultural system, a mixture of Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Indians, and Europeans who blend into the whole system and adapt to the Canadian culture.

Essay about multiculturalism in canada
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