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It is reasonable to assume that costs as a percentage of revenues Finance essay writing service continue to be the same as they were before unless according to the analysts reports, one or the other of the two companies are downsizing and letting a lot of their people go. On the one hand the consumers want Vodafone to offer more and more services through the mobile network so that they do not have go looking for an internet cafe every time they are looking for some information online.

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So life does this person the learner when a spinning top. The important part of the analysis is to review the financial statements for the last few years and then, assuming that percentages of changes will maintain as before and also taking into account the data from the analyst reports in order to assess how revenues and costs will change in the future, to project the balance sheet and the income statement and the statement of cash flows for at least three years into the future.

Once projections of all three financial statements have been successfully completed, ratio analysis is the unavoidable next step.

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As far as the threat of the bargaining power of buyers is concerned, current reliance on voice products means that buyers have a lot of choice giving them high bargaining power. The products offered in this industry, at their most basic level, can be categorized into two classes.

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In the same way that MarksSpencer has been subjected to a five forces analysis, Vodafone’s operations will also have to be subjected to an analysis that puts Vodafone’s performance against the backdrop of the wider industry which in this case is the telecommunications industry.

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