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Most children with galactosemia do however have specific difficulties, particularly with speech and girls develop premature ovarian failure despite early treatment. Since there is a risk for having a future child with galactosemia it is important to let your obstetrician and pediatrician know that you have a child with galactosemia if you are planning future pregnancies so that they may discuss the options with you and prepare accordingly.

The disorder has been reported in all ethnic groups.

The Galactosemias

Also, girls and women with Duarte variant galactosemia are not believed to be at risk for premature ovarian insufficiency. Fortunately the body of an infant with galactosemia can synthesize galactolipids and other essential galactose-containing compounds without the presence of galactose in food.

A biochemical variant form of galactosemia termed Duarte is not thought to cause clinical disease. Depending on the test results, additional testing can take a variable amount of time to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment The most common treatment for galactosemia is Galactosemia diet low-galactose diet. Specifically, some newborn screening protocols are designed to detect epimerase deficiency, while others are not.

Symptoms start to show up within a few days after he begins to drink breast milk or formula with lactose -- the milk sugar that contains galactose. Epimerase deficiency aka Type 3 galactosemia Classic and Clinical Variant Galactosemia Classic and clinical variant galactosemia are rare genetic metabolic disorders.

Diarrhea is common, too. Diagnosis Galactosemia is usually diagnosed though tests that are done as part of newborn screening programs.

Diagnosis Classic galactosemia and clinical variant galactosemia are diagnosed when galactosephosphate is elevated in red blood cells and GALT enzyme activity is reduced. The enzyme is prone to damage if analysis of the sample is delayed or exposed to high temperatures.

In addition, your child may need to take vitamin and mineral supplements such as calciumvitamin Cvitamin Dand vitamin K. Parents may want to send a supply of allowable treats that store well and can be available for special or unexpected occasions.

What is Duarte galactosemia also known as Duarte variant? Prenatal diagnosis by genetic or biochemical testing is available. If your baby has galactosemia, he or she will have to stay on a milk free diet throughout life.

As a parent or potential parent, you and your partner can be genetically screened for galactosemia. Perkins also has extensive experience working in home health with medically fragile pediatric patients.

Without treatment, over time your child may develop cataracts and can be susceptible to infections.

Everything You Should Know About Galactosemia

Once formed, galactonate may enter the pentose phosphate pathway. Despite IQ values in the normal range, children with galactosemia may have learning problems. Continued Testing and Treatment Every baby born at a U. Galactosemia is especially dangerous for newborns, whose entire diet consists of milk.

In individuals with galactosemia, the enzymes needed for further metabolism of galactose Galactokinase and galactosephosphate uridyltransferase are severely diminished or missing entirely, leading to toxic levels of galactose or galactose 1-phosphate depending of which enzyme is missing in various tissues as in the case of classic Galactosemia diet in hepatomegaly an enlarged livercirrhosisrenal failurecataractsvomitingseizurehypoglycemialethargybrain damageand ovarian failure.

However, they still can develop cataractskidney and liver issues, and have delayed growth. Patients with impaired GALE activity may be categorized as having one of three forms of epimerase deficiency: In Galactosemia, the Leloir Metabolic Pathway is not fully functional More information about diagnosis, intervention, and outcomes in classic and clinical variant galactosemia can be found at: Incidence Type 1 galactosemia occurs in 1 out of every 30, to 60, babies.

Oxidation to galactonate[ edit ] Accumulated galactose can also undergo an alternative reaction: Galactosemia is a recessive genetic disorder, so two copies of the defective gene have to be inherited for the disease to appear.Infancy. In the first weeks of life, the most important part of managing patients with classic galactosemia is removing all galactose from the diet as soon as the diagnosis is suspected, immediately after starting the diagnostic investigations and without awaiting results, in order to prevent further life-threatening complications.

People with galactosemia are unable to fully break down the simple sugar galactose. Galactose makes up half of lactose, the sugar found in milk. Death (if there is galactose in the diet) When to Contact a Medical Professional.

Call your health care provider if. DIET RESOURCES SOURCES OF DIET GUIDELINES. Unfortunately, clinics do not provide uniform direction to their parents and patients, the recommended diet for Classic Galactosemia is somewhat controversial.

Below is a list of diet resources that some parents follow, however, please always check with your own clinic for diet advice. The child learns at an early age that his or her diet is restricted and to ask if a new food is allowed.

A Teacher's Guide to Galactosemia

By school age, children with galactosemia usually know a. Dietary Recommendations Currently, the only treatment available for Galactosemia is a restricted diet.


The latest information regarding dietary recommendations can be found in the guide “Understanding Galactosemia: A Diet Guide”. Galactosemia is a rare inherited disorder that affects how galactose is processed in the body. If galactosemia isn’t diagnosed at an early age, then complications can be serious.

Following a low-galactose diet is an essential part of managing this disorder. Talk to your doctor about additional diet restrictions and other concerns.

Galactosemia diet
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