Investigating the properties of ph

It is an extension of standard labs that have students generate a pH curve for strong acid vs strong base without going into the concept of polyprotic acids. How can you help your students reconsider any possible misunderstandings about lake profiles?

This is definitely an inside activity. Discuss uses of liquids and liquids Students record observations and discussion notes on reverse of lab sheet. The dependant variable was the pH levels were I did not have control over what the pH level would indicate.

So the initial lab is introduced as a way to evaluate the indicator. Put universal indicator paper into the measuring cylinder repeat this step 3 times Record the results from each measuring cylinder. Allow minutes per station. Place one eye dropper at each station if using Student preparation and procedure: Your presentation must be clear for your students.

Then students perform the same lab using vinegar, graph their data, and note the position of the end point when the same volume of base has been added as in the initial activity.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Hand drawn graphs work satisfactorily. Its unique thermal- density properties, specific heatand freezing point allow the formation of a stratified environment which controls the chemical and biological properties of lakes.

Students are to complete 15 stations. End point Context for Use This activity is designed for high school chemistry classes that are not accelerated or enriched. If guided activity, review properties of acids and bases; and the uses of each. Acids are used to break down other substances and react chemically with metals.

Data Collection What data do you plan to collect to develop a typical summer and winter lake profile? Investigating the Properties of Water Water is essential to life on earth and totally dominates the chemical composition of all organisms. How will you explain the graphs and tables to your class?

Explain the characteristics of liquids which tested 7. Measure 10mls of tap water. Volz and Ray Smola, who have enjoyed using the inquiry method in their own instruction. Interpretation of Results What conclusions might your students draw from the data? Previous to teaching with this activity, acids and bases were taught with overheads, large pH scale and reading the textbook.

Give each student a lab sheet to record the test result of each substance. They are to test a minimum of four additional and different liquids in their home and record the pH of each.

The group at station 15 moves to station 1 and continues on to high numbered station. Remember to label your axes and legends and title your graphs and tables.

One purpose of the extension is to give students additional practice using the burets. Burets should be available because they are more accurate than counting drops. Each student is to test their own saliva by swabbing the inside of their mouth with a clean Q-tip and test it by touching the Q-tip to an un-used pH testing strip.

Put universal indicator liquid into the petri dish repeat this step 3 times.

Investigating Chemistry through Inquiry 4th Edition

Mix the substances together with the wooden stick. Lab report is graded for completion, accuracy of test results and thought process. I expect the Sensodyne toothpaste to be a neutral pH level as the manufactures claim that this products pH level is neutral. Set up pH meter, Put the pH meter into the measuring cylinder record the pH reading and repeat this step 3 times for a reliable.

Experimental Design As a chemistry instructor you need to demonstrate typical summer and winter lake profile for your class. Teeth would be affected by acidic toothpaste or alkaline toothpaste. The most difficult process for students is matching the test strip to the key on container.

They mark on the data table when the color changes and continue to add base until the pH is above Properties of Southwestern Wisconsin Maple Syrup Investigation of Chemical and Physical Properties of Southwestern Wisconsin Maple Syrup Hiroyuki Takano Graduate Student, Food and Nutritional Sciences water activity) and their chemical properties (pH, mineral contents and sugar contents).

Methodology. pH -- Water properties. No, you don't often hear your local news broadcaster say "Folks, today's pH value of Dryville Creek is !" But pH is. The pH was discovered to be between 6 and 7 in all the tests done * The manufacturers’ claim was the pH level of the sensodyne (toothpaste) was neutral.

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My hypothesis was that the toothpaste was pH neutral and this was supported by the results. Investigating the effect of pH on the activity of the enzyme catalase. Introduction Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a very pale blue liquid which appears colourless in a dilute solution, slightly more viscous than water.

Investigating pH of common household substances

Chemistry pH and Buffers This is an investigation of pH, strong and weak acids and bases, and buffer solutions. their properties. Experimental Procedures Part I: pH Use a pH meter to measure the pH values of M solutions of the following compounds. Also put a drop or two of universal indicator in each solution.

Record the. Context for Use: Investigating pH of common household substances is designed for a 6th grade middle school classroom.

The activity is conducted as a lab with emphasis on prior determined safety rules.

Investigating the properties of ph
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