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Despite of her declining popularity, Marie Antoinette political influence such as it was did not benefit Austria at all. It has been suspected that he suffered from a medical condition known as Phimosis, which prevented him from having children.

She would play for three days straight with players from Paris straight up until her 21st birthday. Since all the archduchesses were given the first name Maria, they were usually addressed by their second name. Her life seems to have been a very fulfilling one, and she was a powerful women, though quite "air headed" about what her people needed.

At the outset, the new queen had limited political influence with her husband, who with the support of his two most important ministers, Chief Minister Maurepas and Foreign Minister Vergennesblocked several of her candidates from assuming important positions, including Choiseul.

On the one hand, the Dauphine was beautiful, personable and well-liked by the common people. Later that year, Empress Maria Theresa began to fall ill with unnamed respiratory problem. Versailles Marie Antoinette was greatly disliked by the French due to the fact that she was indeed a non-native to the French Marie antoinette essay.

Miniature of Marie Antoinette by Louis Marie SicardContinuing deterioration of the financial Marie antoinette essay despite cutbacks to the royal retinue and court expenses ultimately forced the king, the queen and the Minister of Finance, Calonneat the urging of Vergennes, to call a session of the Marie antoinette essay of Notablesafter a hiatus of years.

The people of Paris had been calling for changes in government. Another big thing that deteriorated the peoples like of her was her supposed involvement in the "Affair of the Diamond Necklace".

Many French people hated her for her Austrian blood and her frivolous ways this explains all the rumors they said about Marie Antoinette. In JuneMarie was pregnant again but she suffered a miscarriage on the night of November, which made her more fearful of her health.

It further deteriorated when Louis XVI tried to use a lit de justice on 11 November to impose legislation. In the queen was busy with the creation of her " hamlet ", a rustic retreat built by her favoured architect, Richard Miqueaccording to the designs of the painter Hubert Robert.

Marie Antoinette also began to form deep friendships with various ladies in her circle of friends. She was used to dominating everybody around her and she wanted to extend her domination on Marie Antoinette. Inthe queen played a decisive role in the nomination of Charles Alexandre de Calonnea close friend of the Polignacs, as Controller-General of Financesand of the baron de Breteuil as the Minister of the Royal Householdmaking him perhaps the strongest and most conservative minister of the reign.

This scandal, which took place ininvolved a necklace that was suppose to be given to the Queen, but it never showed up. Her daughter Madame Royale survived and returned to Austria she married her cousin Louis-Antoine, but had no children. The Du Barry organized a conspiracy.

This was unpopular, particularly with those factions of the nobility who disliked the queen, but also with a growing percentage of the population, who disapproved of a Queen of France independently owning a private residence.

She was declared guilty of treason in the early morning of October 16, she wrote a letter to her sister-in-law about her catholic faith and feelings for her children but the letter did reach Elisabeth.

Her mother had negotiated between the two courts were being actively pursued. This Duke, who was as scheming as he was bold, had paid for his favor through submission, a servile obedience, and the accomplishment of the most awful political crime one could ever imagine.

There was a general explosion of joy. Marie Antoinette was worried that the death of her mother would jeopardies the Franco-Austrian alliance, but Emperor Joseph reassured her that he had no intention of breaking alliance.

Paris began to riot by the news they heard and then began the Bastille on July 14th. Popularity, as it turns out, was going to turn out to be a life-long battle for her, one she would end up losing Lewis 1. This gave the impression, partially justified, that the queen had sided with Austria against France.

She was always elegantly dressed she never missed a ball, a concert, a reception or a performance at the opera. She was satisfied with everything. On 19 September she appointed her superintendent of her household, [52] [53] an appointment she soon transferred to her new favourite, the duchesse de Polignac.

Marie Antoinette

After many delays the escape ultimately occurred on June 21,and was a failure.The Life of Marie Antoinette by Erin Gonce.

Marie Antoinette was born on November 2, Her parents were the Empress Maria Theresa and Holy Roman Emperor Francis I. Inat the age of fifteen, the Austrian Princess Marie was married to the Dauphin Louis, the heir to the French throne.

Marie Antoinette Essay Sample. In Vienna, on November 2, the thirty-eight-year-old sovereign, ruler of an empire, Marie Theresa, was to give birth for the fifteenth time in her life to, Maria Antonia Josephina Johanna.

This essay will provide both sides of this argument, stating findings and facts about Marie Antoinette’s influence on the people of France, and what feelings she provoked in them with her actions, and if there was an.

Marie Antoinette Essay Sample

Mar 09,  · Marie Antoinette & the French Revolution The French revolution began in it was a time of radical, social and political change that impacted upon all of Europe. Marie Antoinette's daughter, Marie-Thérèse Charlotte, Madame Royale, was born at Versailles on 19 December The child's paternity was contested in.

Life and Legacy of Marie Antoinette Essay Words | 5 Pages Marie Antoinette Josèphe Jeanne de Habsbourg-Lorraine was born in the mid-eighteenth century as an archduchess and princess, to Maria Teresa, the Austrian Empress, at the very apex of the European hierarchal pyramid.

Marie antoinette essay
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