Replication of a dissertation

An unclear research strategy To be blunt, if the research strategy that was used in the study you want to replicate is not clear i.

Even if you find that the study you are interested in is too hard to replicated, whether because of the research design and data Replication of a dissertation techniques used, or simply because the authors have not provided detailed enough guidelines to follow, it will not take long to find another suitable study.

To learn more about replication in the social sciences: How did you develop an idea about the value of replication in political science? Investigators are also required to affirm that they have the right to publish this material.

However, they also have their challenges, like any other type of dissertation. Generalisation, and even create one or two new ones for Route C: This includes all data, computer programs, sets of computer program recodes, and extracts of existing data files used in the analysis along with the article itself.

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Replication Datasets

Extension, the fact that these are clearly set out in the original study does make it much easier to effectively execute your dissertation. Therefore, it is always best to be careful when using the word replication when discussing a dissertation proposal with your supervisor.

When you read through the benefits and challenges, think of your own situation, interests, and skill sets, and ask yourself: Data-driven dissertationsor you are particularly good at dealing with abstract concepts i.

In other words, you can choose to simply duplicate a study, or you have the option to make generalisations and other extensions in a wide variety of ways. Investigators must include a description of the data and methodology that is detailed enough to permit another researcher to replicate the findings.

You can find the article here. Challenges Again, whilst there are a number of challenges to taking on a replication-based dissertation, four of the main challenges reflect: Whilst we strongly recommend that you present a dissertation proposal to your supervisor to gain their support, we believe that these two routes could lead to dissertations of a high standard.

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Generalisation, the contribution that replication-based dissertations i. As such, it is equally valuable to original research, as it allows us to be more certain about the findings upon which our discipline builds.

The key to managing this challenge is selecting a study to replicate where you think that you could replicate the data analysis techniques used.

Replication Study

ICPSR archives replication datasets to encourage the replication of findings in published works. Data-driven dissertations and Route 3: Theory-driven dissertations in early ]. As a result, we call these different types of replication study: Replication right for me?

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Preparing a Replication or Update Study in the Business Disciplines To address the call for improving the relevance of business studies, the purpose of this paper is. STEP THREE Determine whether a replication-based dissertation is right for you. Replication-based dissertations have the benefit of being highly extendable.

Jan 11,  · Replication as a master thesis: “Unfortunately, most students shy away from this” I recently wrote about a student who was awarded a Masters degree for her replication study at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

A replication study involves repeating a study using the same methods but with different subjects and experimenters. Replication is the key to the support of any worthwhile theory.

Replication involves the process of repeating a study using the same methods, different subjects, and different experimenters. It can also involve applying the theory to new situations in an attempt to determine the generalizability.

Replication of a dissertation
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