Should parents be punished for smoking

Second-hand smoking puts children at risk of respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and asthma. And perhaps if their school was better run, and lesson were more interesting, then there would be less truancy anyway.

Parents of truants are not violent or a threat to others.

Truancy, punish parents

It becomes a cost that the state has to cover. Truancy, punish parents Yes because After all, they are thinking, independent human beings, not just the property of their parents.

Punishments like jail are only used in very unusual cases. Young children and toddlers are more sensitive than grownups because their bodies are still growing. Others have learning or behavioural difficulties that the school is failing to tackle.

It will bring home to them how what they do has an effect on others, so they will stop truanting. All children have a right to education and the state should make sure that their parents keep them in school. Living in a big city can be just as dangerous for their respiratory systems because of the air pollution.

What about parents who deliver their child to school in the morning expecting them to put in a full day in the classroom, only to discover they left again a few minutes later?

After all, we do not allow unders to smoke, buy alcohol, drive, vote or marry — so why should we allow them to mess up their whole future by skipping school? They also breathe faster than adults and so may take more smoke into their lungs. While second-hand smoking is bad, it is in no way as bad as other forms of abuse that we punish.

It has been scientifically proven that second-hand smoking is bad for the development of children. Reinforce the message that she needs to stay clear-minded and focused in life, and that mood-altering chemicals will knock her off those paths.

Punishing parents who smoke around children Yes because Open, honest communication is an ideal way to address teen pressures associated with smoking, and your kindness, compassion and sensitivity might have a more positive effect than harsh punishments.

In this case you would say, "When I was cleaning your room today, I found marijuana in the pocket of your pants.

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Begin a dialogue with your child about your feelings about marijuana smoking. Children who skip school miss out on an education and cannot reach their potential as productive members of society. They are also setting a very bad example for them for the future.

They are usually very sad people who need help rather than punishment. There is a danger that this policy will lead to violence and other domestic abuse. So second-hand smoking harms both their physical and psychological mental development.

A vein-popping lecture will drive your teen away and shut down any chance of a meaningful discussion. So these parents need help, not threats.

And both kids and parents will see school as something nasty that wants to punish them, not a positive place offering them opportunities. And if the family is poor then other children may also go hungry. Effective adolescent discipline requires an understanding of the behavior combined with strategies that teach adolescents alternative methods to get their needs met.

Parents who are really making an effort If anyone should be punished, it should be the truant. That is all you say. They are at the mercy of their parents and forced to breathe in the harmful fumes of cigarette smoke.

If parents are fined or have benefits cut, then the whole family loses out, not just the one child who has missed school. This is upsetting at best, may lead to abuse in some cases, and usually results in poor education anyway.

Over time, parents of pre-school children will be more aware of how importantly society views education, and will do more to support their child as they go through school No because Talk to your son about why he is smoking marijuana, and help him find an alternative activity or behavior to do instead.

And if the courts are involved, most parents are punished with fines, community service or maybe the loss of welfare benefits.As a parent, you might have an angry or emotional response to your teen's smoking problem, but a counselor can approach the topic objectively.

The goal is to help your teen develop a safe and healthy life, so punishment should never be the main objective. To get started, go back and re-teach those expectations. Talk to your son about why he is smoking marijuana, and help him find an alternative activity or behavior to do instead.

For example, if smoking. May 17,  · What should be the punishment for catching your child smoking pot? Follow. 11 My parents caught me for smoking pot and drinking yesterday.

Treat it like you caught them smoking a cigarette. Me, I wouldn't punish them at all but rather educate them on the hazards of smoking but I wouldn't tell them lies like the government Status: Resolved.

Parents should be punished for smoking at home. Smoking causes effects on human health, it causes harm to children and it particularly damaging in young people.

Smoking causes effects on human health, it causes harm to children and it particularly damaging in young people.

Truancy, punish parents. Please cast your vote after you've read the arguments. You can also add to the debate by leaving a comment at the end of the page.

Yes (26%) No (74%) Junk Food Should Be Banned; Should Smoking Be Banned in Public Places? Is Modern Technology Good or Bad? Homework Should Be Banned. Parents who smoke in front of children should not be subject to punishment. While their behavior might be unacceptable, since second hand smoke is hazardous, what they do in the privacy of their own home is their own business, when it comes to legal activities.

Should parents be punished for smoking
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