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Neglect on the part of the Manchu government not only facilitated the incidents, but offered no relief or aid in their aftermath. Some Western-educated Taiping leaders even proposed the development of industry and the building of a Taiping democracy.

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In they began to assert a dominant role in ports and small cities in Manchuria and Shandong. The Taiping army pressed north into Hunan following the Xiang Riverbesieging Taiping essayoccupying Yuezhouand then capturing Wuchang in December after reaching the Yangtze River.

During the time he was in a coma, he had a vision to the effect that he was the younger brother of Jesus, and had been taken up to Heaven to see him. Not one of therebels in Nanking surrendered themselves when the city was taken but in many cases gathered together and burned themselves and passed away without repentance".

The Taiping Rebellion marked the birth of China as a country among others, rather than the only nation under Heaven.

The people of China, on the verge of joining the forming world community, took refuge briefly in their unique blend of traditional culture and modern idealism. To do this they used a combined measure of Legalist and Confucian ideas.

Even though polygamy was banned, Hong Xiuquan had numerous concubines and frequently mistreated them. Holding the city of Nanking against imperial and foreign forces had become virtually impossible. Soon Japan began to take Chinese territory. The Taipings included women as commanders of forces, and several famous woman bandits played key roles in the rebellion as well.

Concurrent rebellions[ edit ] A battle of the Panthay Rebellion, from the set "Victory over the Muslims", set of twelve paintings in ink and color on silk The Nian Rebellion —68and several Chinese Muslim rebellions in the southwest Panthay Rebellion—73 and the northwest Dungan revolt—77 continued to pose considerable problems for the Qing dynasty.

Now, the main way to advance in class was to buy into political rank.

Taiping Rebellion

Defeat by Great Britain in the First Anglo-Chinese Opium war further discredited the dynasty and brought to the fore latent anti-Manchu sentiments among the majority Han Chinese. The Classics, too, were a source of Taiping wisdom literature.

Taiping troops surround Shanghai in January,but with the return of British and French troops from to the city returning from Northern China. The devastation and loss of life in the Yangtze Valley left the once-fertile area a desert for the next hundred years.

At this point the Taiping leadership decided to move east along the Yangtze River.

He took an interest in politics and the government after he was converted to Christianity. Since the Taipings considered the Manchus to be demons, they first killed all the Manchu men, then forced the Manchu women outside the city and burned them to death.

Hung tried to pass several times until The attempts of the Taipings to end this unrest and to reinstate a golden era are similar in many points to the Communist attempts in the same direction.

After capturing the city on March 10,the Taipings halted.The Taiping Rebellion, also known as the Taiping Civil War or the Taiping Revolution, was a massive rebellion or total civil war in China that was waged from to between the established Manchu-led Qing dynasty and.

Typing Lessons | Paragraph Practice - billsimas.com Taiping Rebellion Essay Among the many rebellions that enveloped China in the midth century, the Taiping Rebellion ( – 64) caused most devastation and posed the greatest danger to the Qing (Ch’ing) dynasty.

Taiping Rebellion Essay

Taiping Movement Essay Taiping 5. 'The Taiping Rebellion was the climax of a half-century of widespread social upheaval that blanketed every part of the Ch'ing Empire at a time when dynastic strength was on the decline.'.

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