The uses and effects of cocaine biology essay

Regardless of how it is used, cocaine is highly addictive. Occasional use can cause a stuffy or runny nose, and chronic use can ulcerate the mucous membrane of the nose.

The traditional method of cocaine use is to chew the leaves of the coca plant, giving a mild stimulation. Many people ask is cocaine addictive? There are many effects to the use of cocaine.

The drug can also temporarily decrease the need for food and sleep.

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This accounts for two of its nicknames: Freebase cocaine is usually smoked and causes a strong, short-lived peak for about 3- 5 minutes. No evidence suggests that cocaine produces a physical dependence.

It acts on the "pleasure centers" of the brain, producing heightened pleasure and increased confidence.

The pleasurable effects of powder cocaine last about 20 minutes. Other immediate effects include dilated pupils and higher blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature.

Do users develop a tolerance to crack or cocaine? Some of the most frequent are cardiovascular effects, including disturbances in heart rhythm and heart attacks; neurological effects, including headaches, seizures, strokes, and coma; and gastrointestinal complications, including abdominal pain and nausea.

Cocaine sold on the street is in the form of a white powdery substance. People addicted to cocaine behave similarly. But it is clear that a psychological dependence can result from heavy or continuous use.

This makes it extremely difficult to try to quit using cocaine and makes it very hard for the recovering addict to stay clean.

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Of that number, an estimated one- half million were current crack users. Preparation of freebase cocaine, which involves the use of volatile solvents, can result in death or injury from fire or explosion.The effects of cocaine abuse whether they are social, psychological or physical are not only devastating to the abuser but the effects will crush a family and tear it apart.

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant that was once used for medicinal purposes but is now being abused with. Cocaine's effects are euphoria, increased energy and mental activity, relief from boredom, a reduced desire for food and sleep, increased sociability and talkativeness, feeling capable, competent, vigorous, and more able to work, feeling good about oneself, and greater clarity of thought/5(3).

Cocaine Drug Abuse. Print Reference this and getting mesmerized by it, decided to study the effects of cocaine on himself. After his studies he concluded his findings into a paper in which he declared cocaine to be If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then.

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What Is Cocaine?

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The free Drugs research paper (Cocaine essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample There are many effects to the use of cocaine.

Psychological effects varies with dose and the tolerance of the.

The uses and effects of cocaine biology essay
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