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Select any Categories you want to appear in your menu Finally select any categories you want to appear in your menu. A symbol or icon can create a unique look for your navigation, and each menu tab can be targeted individually, or all at once, depending on the depth of the selectors used.

Add links to other sites in the Custom Links area Step 3: Next we need to create a background image for when you hover over a menu item. How to Customise Your Thesis 1. Because more than one menu can be created, the CSS styling here reflects this concept: Go to your Thesis Custom File Editor and add this code to your custom.

And do the same for the. Horizontal spacing is conserved in this nav menu, and this styling might work well to complement an ultra-clean design. See how to fix it here. The image in this example used a GIF with transparency weighing just 3kb — a tiny image file that packs a big visual punch.

The nav menu ribbon effect uses the same idea that a gradient or solid background color would use, the background property on the. The ribbon file used for this nav background was created in a very simple graphics program — Adobe Photoshop is nice, but not necessary.

The above image was cropped to fit in this tutorial, and each of these examples would be page-width in practice.

So instead of your gradient going from light to dark, make it go from dark to light, which will give it a concave look. Styling done in the Design Options screen is not affected. As always, your imagination can take any of the examples here as wild as you can imagine!

Above is a sample of a default Thesis or WordPress navigation menu, styled entirely within the interface. It needs to be as small as possible but, usually, it needs to be the same height as your navigation menu bar. The Thesis admin interface gives you control over the fonts, font sizes, and a variety of colors and background colors.

None-the-less, I never bothered to switch to using the WordPress nav menu system because the Thesis system was doing just fine.

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Next you need to add this code to your custom. Drag items that you want to appear as sub-menus slightly to the right until the place-holder appears and then drop it in place.

The blog functionality is not being used on the site I took these shots from. And if you want to customize both the font and the background image all you need to do is combine those two snippets of code: A couple of points: There are many evergreen articles here, so do browse, but for more recent articles click here.

However, when Thesis 2. Of course, you can use whatever font or spacing you like! The small icon, the gear, will be used as a background image for each tab, and the anchor text — the link — for each tab will be indented to give the icon room to display without overlapping the text.

But, in addition to the colours, there are two other things you can change that will make a difference: Combined, they can look like this: I find the easiest way to do this is to simply reverse the colours I used in creating the first image.How to change the appearance of your Thesis navigation menu bar.

Here are the steps you need to take to change the font and give it a rounded look. The folder for the Thesis theme is located in the themes folder.

Use my son isnt doing his homework method laid out by the Footer user's guide: Thesis Footer Customization — How To Add Custom Navigation Menu To Footer. Thesis 2 already has a footer that contains two lines. You can remove this footer and you can customize your own footer. As a Thesis user, you get clean cross-browser CSS styling for both Thesis and WordPress default navigation menus.

The Thesis admin interface gives you control over the fonts, font sizes, and a variety of colors and background colors. Additional CSS styling of. BYOB Thesis Simple Nav Menu Plugin Our Thesis Simple Nav Menu plugin gives you a great deal more control over the appearance of the navigation menu without being overly complicated.

With it you can move the menu, make the menu span the full width of the page, center the menu, or simply change some of the default text styling. Do you want to add custom navigation menus in your WordPress theme?

By default, many WordPress themes come with pre-defined menu locations and layouts. In Thesis Theme has drag and drop option via this option you can drag and drop you nav menu on header, like below image.

To change color and font settings of navigation menu on header, same procedure like nav menu above header.

Thesis theme custom navigation menu
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