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When in the City, they can make their way round by bus, tram, metro and bikes. Boscolo Prague, Autograph Collection The hotel is five stars and has a large swimming pool as well as a spa offering treatments.

There are also many nightclubs and Travel and tourism unit 7 p2 where they can celebrate the hen do Economic: The group can also go a train company which starts at London.

As said above, there is a Heineken experience where you can go see how beer is made and then try some. She needs a hotel with spa from Friday to Sunday and her father is paying money no object Destination one — Nice, France Destination and holiday type: Destination two — Copenhagen, Demark Destination type is a city break and the holiday type is a single centre Accommodation: As money is no object, Elizabeth and her hen party can travel to Copenhagen with either a budget airline such as Easyjet and Ryanair or a more upmarket airline such as British Airways.

However the differences between the two organisations is that Thomas Cook India merged with the vacation ownership company to have more competitive advantage and Ryan air brought Cyrus airs outright to eliminate competition to have more competitive advantage to compete with their rival which is Easy Jet.

Destination two — Prague, Czech Republic Destination type is a city break and holiday type is a single centre. The methods and opportunities Ryan air used are launching a business service and to buy Cyprus Airways.

In the evening they can go into the many bars and clubs or walk down red light district. Thomas cook is horizontal integrated and is controlled by a Board of trustees and shareholders.

They are involved in inbound and domestic travel. There is also a cathedral the group can go to f they are into that kind of thing. She also likes culture. This destination appeals for many target markets, as you can choose what attraction and activities you want to do.

Staying at a hotel with a spa, Friday to Sunday Accessibility and cost: They distribute the profits through dividends a share of profits made as a cash payment to shareholders when a bonus is made through the company. They are involved with inbound, outbound and domestic tourism.

The comparison of organisational characteristics is that Thomas Cook India is offering customers various choices of new resorts in India whereas Ryan air is an airline offering flights to places in Europe and for business customers.

Both organisations have used many methods to gain competitive advantage, these are: She would really like to go somewhere warm in early October. Competitive advantage — An advantage gained over competitors by giving better value to consumer so that they choose your product and not theirs.

There is many free activities history related to do whilst in Copenhagen. Attracts mainly couples and people who enjoying cities that are brimmed with history Merit Prague is the ideal destination for Jonathon and his lady friend as they can relax in the hotels spa but the woman also wants to see a bit of the city so Prague can offer both aspects of his needs.

Customer brief c Jonathan is 45 and divorced. Merit Nice is the best place for Elizabeth and her hen do as it is warmer in October than Copenhagen and can travel there by many ways. Meaning they are getting more for the dads money. The group can also go with Eurostar.

This is because it is only 40 minutes away from London on a plane ride and they may not want to go too far away from home on a first group holiday.

The euro exchange rate is 1. They achieved their aim by setting a time target on when the merge is finally going to close Sometime in the last 3 months of Profits are distributed through dividends a share of profits made as a cash payment to shareholders when a bonus is made from the company.

All tourism organisations are always fighting for a bigger competitive advantage and a bigger market share.

The group can get to Amsterdam by flying with EasyJet either from Stansted or Southend and the flight takes forty minutes. There are many things to do and they wanted to see a lot of cultural and Amsterdam offers that whereas Magaluf is mainly about clubbing and the buzzing nightlife.

If they group where interested in flowers or wanted a difference experience of Amsterdam they can go to the flower markets. Cultural factors and Attractions: They will need spending money for the week.

Euro exchange rate is 1.P2 Unit 6 Travel and Tourism Essay; P2 Unit 6 Travel and Tourism Essay. Words Mar 29th, 8 Pages. Show More. Unit 6: Preparing for Employment in Travel & Tourism Task 2: CAREER FACTFILE: JOB OPPORTUNITIES IN THE TRAVEL AND TOURISM SECTOR. Essay Travel and Tourism Unit 7 P4 Words Nov 16th, 3 Pages P4) Review factors that have contributed to one declining destination (Cyprus) and one developing (Greece) in.

Unit 2 - P2, P3, M1 & D1 write a report about organisational and financial characteristics in different organisations in the tourism industry and how companies gain competitive advantage and how organisations achieve business aims.

Presentation 1 for the unit. Presentation 1 for the unit. Create Unit 7: European holiday destinations. Theories on how to close a sale with a customer. L2 Travel and Tourism Unit 8 Worldwide H My First Prezi.

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Popular presentations. See more popular or the latest. prezis. Prezi. Unit 7: European Destinations Wendy Harris Introduction to Unit Learning outcomes Be able to locate gateways and leisure destinations within the European travel market.

Unit 9 Long-Haul Destination Assignment 2, P2 Outline of different types of holidays available in long haul destinations By: Dominik Gabrys.

Travel and tourism unit 7 p2
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