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The company provides its products for various activities, including casual and outdoor lifestyle associated with surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX and motocross, beach and board riding sports, rally car, and other activities. Brand Recognition Value The parent company, Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton is one of the most famousrenowned and old fashion and apparel house.

On the other hand, there are many other brands in the world that are producing all the products that have been mentioned above. Assess the performance of the company by taking into consideration the consumer trends, relevant fashion of time, the scope and demands of every international market.

The company receives royalties from the licensee based upon sales of Hawk branded products. The company receives royalties from the licensee based upon sales of Hawk branded products.

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However, there are many markets in which the brand has not yet entered. The company retains the right to manufacture and sell Hawk branded products outside of the United States. Quicksilver SOOT Analysis largest manufacturer strong presence across the world The financial restructuring has been a success Diverse product lines Good advertising and brand presence Fake Volcom swot essay and replica products Low market share in the global market Difficulties to attract new customers Drop of sales for 4 years Loss of core clients surfers Online sales The company can further concentrate on brand-building of its new product lines Sponsor emerging competitions Increasing interest for good health Emerging markets, expansion abroad environmental regulations for the sport from across the world counterfeit products which have caused significant losses The fluctuations in the currency rates Streetwise market is dominated by giants such as Aids, Nikkei Economic slowdown Related: The global presence and outstandingly high brand recall makes it even more valuable.

Another important aspect of rivalry that needs to be addressed here is that LVHM cannot be afforded by everyone; however the other brands offer the same fashion products in a relatively cheaper price range.

The rich are observed to carry the bags, and other products of Louis Vuitton as a status symbol. By providing its customers with premium quality products that are both excellent in quality and style, Louis Vuitton won over a huge clientele.

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It was initially founded in Paris, but then because of the increase in demand it started to expand into the international market. The merger resulted in the launch of many more products that neither of the parent companies was producing before.

Sporty Men, Women and kids Target Group: Therefore, even in the presence of imitation and copies of the products, for the real and actual customers of the brand it is inimitable. Under the license agreement, it is responsible for product design, and Volcom swot essay licensee manages sourcing, distribution, racketing and all other functions relating to the Hawk brand.

It is considered to be the brand of the elite, and rich people use it as a status symbol. The company directly operates all of the global Quicksilver and Rosy businesses with the exception of licensees in certain countries. The brand is available for its customers in most of the large and famous shopping centers of the world.

The company retains the right to manufacture and sell Hawk branded products outside of the United States. Profile Volcano Soot By elementariness 23 Sector: Another important factor that contributes to the low threat of new entries is that the customers of Louis Vuitton are extremely loyal to Volcom swot essay brand.

Trademarks The company owns the Quicksilver and Rosy trademarks and the related mountain and wave and heart logos in every country in the world. Initially, the company was only producing fashion products, but then also turned towards luggage bags, belts, shoes, and many other accessories.

Porters Five Forces Degree of Rivalry There are numerous world famous fashion houses that have now come into competition with Louis Vuitton, with the latter being the oldest in the industry. The parent companies are almost years old by now. Urban men women and kids from the middle and upper middle class Positioning: There are many contractors and subcontractors of the brand and the company; however all of them are required to abide by the guidelines that have been set by the company and the brand.

As it has been mentioned above, elite customers get their products tailored by the brand, and some of the world famous and international celebrities have become loyal customers of the brand. It also owns rights throughout the world to use and license the DC related trademarks for the footwear, apparel and accessory products that it distributes under such brand.

The formulation of strategies and plans in cases of economic down times and interference of government policies. The brand can easily be recognized by its customers, and those who wish to be its customer, since most of the products have the monogram canvas of the logo of the brand.

The world class quality of bags and other products that is seen with the original products cannot be substituted for any kind of copy throughout the world. Has developed from a sass broadsword company into a multinational apparel and accessory company grounded in the philosophy of youth.

Since it is one of the oldest fashion brands, it is not possible for a new brand to come and take over it. Apart from that, if a company has to take over a brand as famous as Louis Vuitton, it will have to put in a huge investment, which does not seem very likely in the current economic scenario of the world.

The products of LVMH can be found in all the large shopping hubs of the world. This is where the company originated after two major companies were merged.Analysis of Volcom Inc. Essay. Volcom Inc. SWOT Volcom was acquired by PPR in MayI did the analysis from the standpoint that Volcom's management still remained independent.

StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. Essays; Resource Center; Sign Up Sign In Volcom Inc. SWOT. Essay Swot Analysis of Canon Inc. SWOT Analysis of Canon SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, and is an important tool often used to highlight where a business or organisation is, and where it could be in the future.

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View this swot on Internal Analysis Brand Recognition. To formulate a plan for the expansion of the brand into the international market The planning and execution.

Volcom Strategic Audit Essay Volcom Strategic Audit Professor Steven L. Roop Student Dennis P. Sable National University September Volcom is a manufacturer of .

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