Writing a employee of the month nomination

Laura began her career at Stanford as a registrar for the Business School. On our behalf, Laura has been able to successfully navigate a culture of respect, optimism, and re-dedication of purpose between trainee and faculty, a trait that is difficult if not impossible to teach.

An "asset to any unit. She supports so many people in our lab and division. They described her as supportive and genuine -- someone who strives to make others feel comfortable and appreciated. In her own words: Tanya Carrasco, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine.

She did so in rapid fashion without ever asking if this was within her job description.

Employee of the Month Nomination Form

Over the past couple of years we have come to depend upon her as an integral part of our academic affairs work. When asked what she loves about Stanford, Linh responded with three answers: Ahrendsen said she loves the Stanford atmosphere.

Chang received her award — along with an IPAD and a check — during a morning reception on September Stanford is an exciting place to do research. Current clinical fellows have commented that they think very highly of Kristi and that she is always so positive. She goes above and beyond to help anyone who comes into the office asking for help, regardless of what it is they need help with; she even helps one of our voluntary faculty with computer issues.

Former colleague Misty Mazzara, who now works as a program manager for the General Medicine Division, wrote: The event was widely regarded as a success, and was highly praised by students. Though this is just one example, this type of effort is commonplace for her. Marisha goes above and beyond to produce outstanding work every day for the Department of Medicine.

During my first lab meeting Linh presented her research talk and made sure that I understood everything that she discussed and answered every question I had. Colleagues said Linh, a research associate in Dr. Laura is the fellowship coordinator for the Hematology and Oncology Fellowship Program, where she acts as a liaison between program directors and fellows, creating rotation schedules, organizing programs and forums, and assisting with programmatic needs.

She provides critical support to many investigators in our division, juggling grant applications and IRBs and hiring procedures, training and overseeing research staff, and serving as the primary contact for any question or challenge that arises.

In a letter nominating Smith for the award, Chris Scholberg, director of finance and administration at the Stanford Prevention Research Center, lauded her work. There are nine of us in the lab currently — including postdocs, clinical fellows, instructors and a research assistant — and my colleagues are the TOP reason I enjoy my job.

Unofficially, she is the heart and soul of the program -- organizing events such as holiday parties, baby showers, and birthday celebrations; encouraging colleagues to participate in the Be Well program; and advocating for sustainable commuting.

Our faculty and fellows enjoy working with Laura and more importantly, they respect the work that she does for them and on their behalf.

UNO Names Kirsten Omoto Employee of the Month

Ahrendsen began working for the Department of Medicine six years ago on a part-time basis, eventually transitioning into a full-time role with the PCAP.

He also praised her positive attitude and willingness to venture beyond her job description. She is mainly responsible for coordinating the fellowship program in the Division of Endocrinology, Gerontology and Metabolism, and for that work she gets extremely high marks.

She organized students and faculty into six different groups, and placed clues at campus landmarks — including the Cantor Museum, Hoover Tower, and Cohos, a popular coffeehouse with live music. For example, when other were going on maternity leave, she stepped up and finished their experiments and data analysis, and continued to support their research needs.

I really respect and admire my supervisor, Aida, whom I had met while working in Dr. We work with multiple other organizations -- some universities and some think tanks -- and Lesley readily plugs any gaps that arise from their efforts.

Eugene Butcher at the VA.


She later left this position and contracted in Biochemistry, working in administration and grant assistance.

She monitors grants, assists with budget proposals, and reports monthly budgets to sponsors. She has demonstrated the ability to be flexible as needed by responding to situations as they arise.

Smith has been working alongside DoM faculty since she arrived at Stanford seven years ago. We are lucky to have her.Nomination For Nurses Examples Download ebook Nomination For Nurses Examples in pdf / kindle / epub format also available for any devices anywhere.

Related Book To Team Award Nomination Lincoln President Underdogs Republican Nomination Honours How to Write a Nomination Who. To nominate an employee, print and complete the nomination form and send it through campus mail to the Office of Human Resources, EAB.

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The Employee of the Month Nomination Form is a template which providing a method to vote for an Employee who someone believes should receive the distinction of Employee of the Month with his or her Employer. Typically, entities who choose to honor employees with this distinction will have a voting procedure set in place.

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Employee Of The Month Nomination Example

Employee Of The Month Nomination Verbiage employee-of-the-month-nomination-verbiage.

Writing a employee of the month nomination
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